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    Hiquaso Koifood

  • Koifood

    Hiquaso Koifood

  • Koifood

    Hiquaso Troutfood

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    Hiquaso Fishfood

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    Hiquaso Salmon trout food

  • Koifood

    Hiquaso Koifood

  • Koifood

    Hiquaso Fishfood

  • troutfood

    Hiquaso Troutfood

  • Koifood

    Hiquaso Fishfood

  • Koifood

    Hiquaso Fishfood

  • Koifood

    Hiquaso Fishfood

  Everything is against nature, has in the long run no stock. (Charles Darwin)


Our ingredients are continuously monitored and reviewed their suitability based feeding trials.
Go for quality, high-quality and nutritious Fishfoodis the basis for the well-being, MLS the health
and growth of your fish.

Excellent water quality and best vitality of your fish population, are major objectives in the
Research and Development of our formulations. In the area of nutrition, we do our best and
allow you to use high quality Fishfood.

is obtained from springs that occur in poultry slaughter and is used for livestock feeding, pet feeding and used for fertilization.
is a nitrogen-rich, fast-acting organic fertilizer from slaughterhouse waste, and is manufactured primarily from chicken blood.
referred to dried and ground fish or parts of fish. Fishmeal in moderate amounts bycatch, particularly crustaceans,
MLS Starfish and shells, contained.

There are only first-class Ingredients used

No artificial preservatives, cheap fat or bad oils

With valuable Antarctic Krill of crystal clear water

Regular checks of the carefully selected raw materials

Without fish meal, soya, blood meal, feather meal or cheap meat by-products



Due to the adaptation of the Fishfoods to the natural habitat,
reduces the failure rate in the rearing of our fry food many times.

A transmission of diseases can be ruled out in advance, as our Fishfood during
the manufacturing process is two times sterilisieret. Also cause the high temperatures during
extrude that disease-causing germs are killed.

The solid performance of the fish, increases resistance to disease and provides
for excellent growth.

Different trout species and char types such as Regenbogenforelle, Bachforelle,
Salmon trout, brook trout, lake trout,...
or fish species such as Stör and Koi show after
short time class results.

Low-risk breeding

Decreased water pollution

High feed acceptance

Maintains the health and ensures balanced growth

Increased resistance to diseases

Increases vitality, fertility and spawning

Optimal digestibility


With our high-quality Fishfood Your fish are fed environmentally aware and
This supports the long-term preservation of our ecosystem.

The fish meal free quality forage is future-oriented and environmentally friendly.
Tell your customers that you fishmeal Free Fishfood use.

Adapted to the natural habitat

Promotes a natural fish life

Enhances a healthy and powerful immune system

No threat to marine fish stocks due to overfishing

The Fishfood for your fish, whether troutfood or Koifood we offer Fishfood without
Fishmeal and without quality loss.

The continuos improving the quality of Fishfoods is a constant process of us
accompanied daily. In order to promote the best features of each and every Koi and protect trout,
all raw materials are carefully selected, tested and continually monitored.

Thus, the expectations of the breeder or keeper be fully satisfied and provided the
Fish farming remains competitive, optimizes and secures our Fishfood your fish production.

We want to achieve a rethinking of marine resource use.
As the protection and preservation of the environment, such as the stability of the natural regeneration
für uns is in the foreground.

Modern technology such as our twin-screw extruder, with which we have a much better
Achieve mixing effect, combined with our experience, result in a fusion of the well
future generations will benefit.

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Everything is against nature, has no existence in the long run. (Charles Darwin)